Bird Watch and One Day at a Time


Weekends are such a strange thing.


I love them when they’re coming up, I miss them when they’re over, and I freak out about them when they’re actually happening.


This weekend, for example, I got to do a ton of great things – listening to great music, bird watching, drinking a ton of coffee, going to a crazy ballet, and hanging out with my favorite people.


I always end up feeling like I have to cram all my enjoyable things into these two short days, and then I end up enjoying those things less because I’m freaking out about them – and that’s just stupid.


I want to be content in all things and taking joy in exactly what I am doing at this moment – whether that is solving a schedule crisis at work on Monday morning, or watching birds in the park on Saturday afternoon.





On Working

I am realizing more and more everyday that working 40 hours a week is just not my style.

Like: Where did all my time go? Why do sleeping and eating seem so inconvenient? It’s just really crazy how working sucks up my time.

BUT. that being said. I am also just astounded with thankfulness that my parents and many other responsible adults in my life have been doing this for many many years – especially a couple of them who did that primarily to provide for me and give me a lot of great things.

Also, I am really thankful to have a job that is meaningful and rewarding to me. Every job is going to have it’s downers, but overall mine is pretty great. I am really thankful to be doing something that I think matters.

And sometimes the sky is pretty great in the morning! Though the buildings and signs are not.


Throwback: February 4, 2012

I think the past is fascinating.

I love looking back through my old planners and journals to figure out what I was doing at a given time, and how I ended up where I am now through a series of unforeseen events. The past year has been one of huge changes for me, with college graduation, moving home, having and starting multiple jobs, and experiencing changes in relationships with family and friends.

I guess life is always changing, but it seems like mine has been set on maximum change for the past twelve months.

It’s strange how some events happen totally unexpectedly and change your life forever — losing a family member, getting an unexpected job, falling in love — while others are dates you anticipate for a long time and prepare for, but they still change your life forever — like graduating from college, getting married (or so I’ve heard), etc. Knowing a change is coming on a given day doesn’t really prepare you for how different it will be once you’ve entered that new season of life.

All that to say, a year ago today was my senior recital, a date that I had anticipated for months. It was the ultimate day of reckoning in my college career, and I stressed for months about how this one little hour of my life would play out (haHA! no pun intended. but actually kind of intended).

Now that I’ve had time to recover from my pre-recital freaking out, all I really remember from the day is feeling totally loved and supported by all my friends and family who travelled from all over the country and the world to be there for the weekend. I don’t really remember how I played or what my professors said afterward.


And I’ve experienced a huge change in how I view music since recital day. It’s no longer an academic endeavor or something I have to prove to anyone. It’s not as much a part of my daily life, but when it is, I find it so much more rewarding.

The things I stressed about a year ago seem so unimportant now. The day that I dreaded and anticipated for so long turned out to be not such a big deal, and what mattered most to me on that day was being surrounded by people I love.

I had no idea how things would go down after February 4th, 2012 but I’m glad things worked out the way they did. I am so thankful to be where I am, one year later.


Pizza & Raccoon Sighting

What a week, guys. It was so crazy that I only took pictures three times. But they were good times!

1. Last weekend I was scouring the entire city for coconut flour. Why coconut flour, you ask? well, turns out it’s a key ingredient in this low carb pizza crust recipe a friend gave me.

Low carb pizza, you ask? That sounds gross, you say? Well, I was right there with you. Usually, when you put the words “low-carb” in front of a normal high-carb food, it’s bad news. And coconut with pizza? what? Image

But this was seriously amazing. Mozzarella (have we talked about how hard that is to spell?), coconut flour, flaxmeal, eggs and bam. Low carb pizza at your fingertips. It was super good.


Another highlight of my week was going to a super cool book signing/release with Danny. I neglected to take any pictures of the actual event, but we did see this huge raccoon on the way there!



Also, today was super cold:IMG_0205


1. It’s been ages since I’ve updated here. My apologies to the 3 of you who kept checking the last two months. It’s been so long, in fact, that wordpress totally changed since the last time I logged in, and now I don’t even know what to do here. It’s like when you update your itunes library and then you think “Ugh, I don’t even want to listen to any music because it just looks so awful.”

Thanks, wordpress! So much for that.

2. I received the lovely gift of a camera for Christmas, and my goal since opening it was to take at least one picture every day. So I take it with me and try to keep an eye out for interesting and beautiful things to snap up. Sometimes I forget, but I’ve done okay so far. Here are some of the highlights from the last couple weeks:


I love the winter sunsets we’ve been having. Pink- and blue-times just seem a lot better when it’s cold and snowy. Also, Emma walks a lot faster when it’s cold outside, so that saves me a lot of time.


The whole family went on a wedding-dress-shopping adventure with my sister. Everyone was jealous of us for having such a great dad.Image

I started back to teaching today, and so far so good. I especially love all the spelling lessons we have in my classes:Image

That’s all! Oh, and this bonus squirrel picture:


zero finals?

Let’s talk about all the things I’m NOT doing this week:

– juries
– finals
– accompanying other people’s juries
– losing sleep
– writing papers
– going to a million rehearsals
– studying (when was the last time I did that? May?)

And all the things I am indeed doing this week:

– baking cookies
– decorating a Christmas tree
– making money
– chillin
– whatever I want
– buying Christmas presents
– taking pictures of my dog wearing her Christmas Sweater

I think there’s a clear winner here.

It’s like it’s Christmas break… except it started before Thanksgiving! haHA! There was a time when I missed school, but this is not it.

You wish you had my job!



Because how often to you get a huge cookie with your name on it at work? Never? Except maybe when you retire or something?


One of my beloved students brought me this cookie for our last class. How sweet is that? And can we just take a moment to note (haHA! no pun intended) how she/her mom spelled my name correctly?? Sometimes I don’t even do that!

But seriously. I have such a great job. My students are awesome.